'Music From the Vine'

'Music From the Vine'
Giclee' available 85.00 15''x20

Monday, January 13, 2014

Graphite of Abraham Lincoln.  8 X 10.  We helped my son rehab an old farmhouse in Tonganoxie, Kansas.
                                                             Lincoln's cousin lived there with her family and after Lincoln gave four speeches running for the presidency in Leavenworth, Kansas; came there to spend a few days.  The stone column in the yard had a bronze plaque on top which declared the property; 'Lincoln's Rest.'  I naturally have a tender place in my heart for our 16th president as do most Americans.
To stand in the house and realize that he too walked and spoke in those rooms never failed to impress.


  1. Wowza! This is an incredible Lincoln! I did Abe and Mary Todd on Day . . . 9? Ugh. They're all blurring together. At any rate, this is utterly fantastic! Love the sketchiness of it!

    1. Thank you Ann! I was teaching my kid's class yesterday and felt like they were needing some help- so I thought why not demo it for them? Isn't this a great discipline? I should be working on a few commissions however and I know I am behind due to this- but I am enjoying it! How about you?