'Music From the Vine'

'Music From the Vine'
Giclee' available 85.00 15''x20

Friday, January 31, 2014

25 Paintings in 25 Days

Well this was just FUN!  I know, I was supposed to complete 30 in 30 but,
what can I say?  I was just happy to hear about the challenge, it was two days after it started and 
I could have certainly caught up and kept planning to but it never happened.  I will now be extra challenged
    to do all 30 next time.  


  1. Hi Cathy - your collage shows such softness of line and your works have such a nice flow to them. Great to see them altogether on everyone's space today!

  2. Nice seeing them all together. I like how Abe is looking down on all of your fine work. Congratulations!