'Music From the Vine'

'Music From the Vine'
Giclee' available 85.00 15''x20

Monday, May 5, 2014

All in a day's work

I filled in my calendar and now it is the next month already.  Shoot, I like other artists have a tough time of organizing my time.  I vow to get better.  New Year's resolution yeah right.  I do feel an urgency however to get more organized.
     Thank heaven, my dear friend Darla Zook, fellow artist reminded me of today's hanging in the Lenexa Kansas City Hall.  Talk about a curve ball, I thought I would spend the day working on my blog and starting a Cafe' genre painting, then teaching.  But no.  So off I go to my studio to put finishing touches on Music from the Vine then delivering the work....What a life!  I love it!!!


 This is one of three pieces getting hung today at the Lenexa City Hall, which just happens to be my Home Town.  I am very excited to be included in the GKCAA.  Greater Kansas City Artist Association.
                          This is from my Palette Knife collection where all was done in palette knife with the exception of the girl's face.  A large piece of approx. 36 X 48.  Acrylic on Canvas

Watercolour Woods

Watercolour Woods 12 X 16 This is unusual for me to paint in watercolour ~ but I really enjoyed myself.

Swift Current

Swift Current 12 X 16 is a Lodge that my Husband and I stayed at in Colorado.  The current was Swift.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

'Sticks and Stones' by artist Denver artist Melissa Furness
at the old original Oddfellos Building called Three Link Gallery in Smithville, MO. 
read the story at ilivenorth.com   by Cathy Kline, art contributor

Catherine's Dance Studio Mural

 A mural to spruce up a dance studio across my Art Gallery in Parkville, MO. 

Catherine's Dance Studio

Autumn Glory   Oil on Canvas 12 X 16

This is a little set up I posed in my front yard. The mums in full bloom and the bouquet of the vinyard a nice match along side the violyn.  

giclee's available at 75.00

During the First Parkville in Art Paint Out, I painted this from Pancho's Mexican Restaurant. 

This Commissioned Graphite is actually 18 X 24.  

Here I am painting in Door County.  I very quickly found out that my umbrella shaded me beautifully, but not built to protect me from the rain.  This is a gallery that had sculptures around the gardens and quite unique. 

Gary in his studio.

Gary Staab is one of the Artists that I wrote about in North magazine.  Gary is a sculptor who has an interest in animals and insects.  Gary recreated Lucy.  The lifesize dinosaur.  Recently, my editor and friend, Kandie Erichson and I made the trip to Liberty to visit with Gary to deliver this framed work of the article I wrote about him.  He was in the middle of recreating a twenty foot Saw Fish.  

Visit www.ilivenorth.com and read about Gary as well as all the other artists I have had the priviledge to cover. 

'Run for the Hills' by Cathy Kline

     My painting; 'Run for the Hills' will be at this year's Symphony in the Flint Hills in June.  My painting was selected for the second year for this Exhibition..  Money raised for the event helps keep the Grasslands healthy.  This painting is a  30 X 30 square format in Oil on Canvas.
     The Artist's Reception was last Wednesday the 30th of April at the Emporia Arts Center.  Now the show goes on tour until it reaches it's destination for the hugh silent auction.