'Music From the Vine'

'Music From the Vine'
Giclee' available 85.00 15''x20

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Darla Zook, has joined the CATHY KLINE ART GALLERY as our watercolorist and Acrylic artist.
Now there are Four of us!  We enjoy Darla's fun nature and enormous Spirit.  The works of Darla are shown each Autumn at Silver Dollar City as a featured artist.  She has a knack for bringing a touch of Home Sweet Home to the Gallery.  Recently winning First Over All for her ''End of the Road, Flint Hills'' at the annual Visions of the Flint Hills Exhibition.  Keep watching and you will see more Beauty \from Darla.
Please 'Like' Darla Zook Artist on Fb and see more of Darla.  Also, please 'Like' CATHY KLINE ART GALLERY  as well to follow our exhibitions and get a list of engagements.

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  1. You know as I child i was so great at drawing, and thought would continue with this passion of mine. But don't remember where, why and how i just left art :( May be i should pick it up again.